Why Unlimited?


Laser Hair Removal permanently reduces the population of hair. The majority of the population will need about 6-8 sessions of laser hair removal to stop seeing the permanent growth of hair, but there are many factors that will determine the desired result and how long it will take to achieve. The most influential factor, is the one we lack the most control of: hormones. 


The majority of subjects that may suffer from this are young women, especially those of child-bearing age who are going through puberty, are using hormonal contraceptives, have hormonal imbalances, or plan on becoming pregnant.

This group is the ideal candidate for the Unlimited for Life laser hair removal package, but can also be extended to those who will unlikely be able to make the consistent monthly appointments needed for results.


Laser Hair Removal, as you may already know, can be pricey. For these candidates, the cost is much greater. For this reason, we've created a very special membership that will allow much needed relief to those candidates that have a stronger hair pattern, hormonal imbalances, or simply are not sure they will be able to make monthly appointments and so may take longer to see the effectiveness of laser hair removal treatment as they should.

Lifetime Membership: Laser Hair Removal

$8,000.00 Regular Price
$3,500.00Sale Price